Do you want it Listed or Do you want it Sold?

One of my last marketing pieces says, “Do you want your property Listed or Do you want it Sold”. It did it’s job and grabbed the attention of one of my last sellers. Now I’m using his home as my new marketing piece because I was lucky enough with my marketing to get his sold within 24 hours.

The discussion earlier went with him the way they mostly do when they read my ad, what do you mean listed or sold? Are they not the same thing? I want to sell my house that’s why I’m calling you. That is when the explanation comes in about the difference in agents.  I told him that many agents will only list the house knowing, or should I say Hoping, that another agent will soon bring a buyer. They just list the home on the MLS, put up a sign (usually). They don’t send any cards, do any advertising and don’t feature it on any of the major sites on the internet. They sit and wait for those agents that may have a buyer to go view it, like it and put an offer in.

We went over the differences when I am hired, you really want to sell your house and we are not testing the waters, there are plenty of new agents for that.  We’re going to price it correctly and I’m going to show you all the stats for that because as soon as I leave here I’m going to start marketing it. Even though we’re not going to list it as active on the MLS till five days down the line, I have to start my pre-marketing on the home. I want to contact to everybody in my office in case they have buyers that want a home like that. I need to let everyone on my contact list that, “hey this wonder home is coming soon, do you have or know of someone in your family or friends that want to live here”. Then it’s letting everyone of my social media contacts know what’s coming from us, “coming soon listing this on Saturday etc. etc.”

All this pre-work is just to build the excitement and that’s what I did in this case and it worked. I was taking the final pictures when an agent called me and asked to view it. I said sure and within an hour he was there. I was just finishing up and he was coming in. Later that day, Saturday, he called and said I’m writing up an offer and we had a contract within 24 hours. That home closed escrow 27 days later, last week.

The funny part of the story is bitter sweet, the house right next-door to my clients is for sale has been for sale for almost a year now, it’s approximately $80,000 overpriced. The neighbor has not had any showings but was he amazed when my client told him that his house was sold already within a day. So I think that guy is pretty upset with his agent now.

Price it right, pre-market the hell out of it before you list it and even more when you list it and make sure everyone knows about it.

Paul Antonelli

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April Jobs Report

Friday’s jobs report showed a solid gain of 215,000 jobs.
That said, the unemployment rate ticked up from 4.9% to 5% because the labor force grew by an even larger 396,000 persons!
As a result, the labor force participation rate rose by another 0.1% to 63%, its best level since 3/14 and up from 62.4% in Aug of 2015, a huge increase.
Wages rose a nice 2.3% Y-o-Y.

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Paul Antonelli
REALTOR Professional
Broker / Owner of NextHome Antonelli Realty