There’s 3 but I’m concerned about 1, FLORIDA

So they say the nations foreclosure inventory or 90 day delinquents (which means you’re in foreclosure) have been declining. Nationwide the levels in some places have remained the same or worse. There are three states that have gotten worse New York, New Jersey and of course Florida .
And I will give you one guess out of these three who leads the nation with the most delinquencies and foreclosures, one guess that’s right it is Florida once again.

It seems like we’ve always been in the first position or we lose it for a month or two but we get it right back, New York is second and New Jersey is third.

Is recovery ever coming? Some experts saying it’s going to take until the year 2020 or 2022 to make a full recovery but then we’ll always have some foreclosures, just not at the levels were seeing now or as we saw and 2009.

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